Stormy Weather is organized by (from left to right): Michael, Eléna, and Andy

Eléna is responsible for illustrations and spreading joy within the team. She’s been happily dancing since her childhood and has learnt every single move from copying Beyoncé. Last summer there was a cool Lindy Hop party at a hairdresser’s shop in Bremen and ever since she’s swinging through life. In winter she added Blues, this wonderful suspenseful and mellow dance. She realized that Bremen needs to get started with the Blues. She already knew of Michael’s excitement with the Blues and after a few mails and a coffee they teamed up.
What’s also known about her: She’s french, studied philosophy and is currently in an apprenticeship in psychotherapy – her reason for coming to Bremen. She sings when she’s feeling happy and is looking forward to all the dances with you. See you soon!

Michael was always a music nerd. He’s been playing bass in punk bands, worked as a DJ, owned a record label, was a tour manager, and is always hunting for yet unknown great songs. He started dancing Lindy Hop 6 years ago and added Blues about 2 years ago when attending a workshop with Melissa and Sree in his hometown Bremen. As a Blues dance scene doesn’t appear out of nothing, he decided to take care of this after talking to Eléna. When compared to Lindy Hop, he likes that the Blues is less athletic, less competitive and even more based on musicality, communication, and connection. In his day job, he’s a project manager and now uses his skills to organise dance events.

We need a text about Andy 🙂